Kander – FirstWordLastWord

Technology is a tool that can be applied to almost every field, especially art. Technical novelty is ideal for producing first word art – the continued advancement of, for example, video technology, allows films to be producing in a totally new way. However, in order to produce last word art, the artist must rely on more tried-and-true methods of connecting with the audience. If a composition is ugly in the sense that it fails to resonate with the viewer, it doesn’t matter how “cool” the production process was. This principle is something I have to keep in mind in my own work, as I can tend to become so caught up in the minutiae– the sleekness of the code or the realism of the details of a drawing – that I forget to consider the piece as a whole work rather than a series of small, interworking parts. As modern life becomes more and more technical, and, judgement aside, a premium is placed on technical fields or skills, this lesson about using care when placing utility above form is one that society as a whole should be sure to consider, lest we end up in a very boring world.

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