For my final project, I’m thinking about doing something with either augmented projection, or VR. In general, I guess I just want to make something immersive and interactive that goes beyond just interfacing with a computer screen. I don’t have any more specific ideas as of yet though for what I can do.

****New more specific things!****

I’m going to go with playing with interactive projections. And how do people usually interact with strong directional lights? Shadow puppets! When someone makes a shadow puppet within the bounds of the projection, once they remove their hands, their shadow would remain, be animated depending on the animal, and fly or hop or move in some way off the screen, leaving it ready for more shadow puppets to come to life.

I’m not entirely sure on how to do this, but I’m watching a lot of Dan Shiffman videos so hopefully I’ll be able to at least realize it in part.

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