I’ve watched all the Dan Shiffman videos on Perlin noise so it was really cool to hear Ken Perlin speak at Weird Reality. I didn’t really know all that much about his work outside of the noise function, so to see more of the cool things he’s been doing was awesome. Something I hadn’t really considered until I saw the Google Daydream talk the day before was VR with multiple people that could interact with each other, and his demo for tracking the with phone VR sets and the ping pong balls was really cool. The Poop VR game was the only demo at the VR salon that incorporated interaction with other people, but it was limited in action and movement because you’re limited to a toilet and just Google Cardboard. I think Ken Perlin’s examples he showed where multiple people wandered around a room and were able to interact with each other and other elements in virtual space did a good job of exploring new kinds interactions with their more advanced headsets. I also think it’s interesting how he said no one ran into each other while they had the headsets on. I didn’t think with all the perspective distortions to make the virtual space seem bigger, it would still be accurate enough to mirror real space. One thing it made me think of that no one really brought up during the conference, what getting the same sort of interactions, but with people who aren’t in the same room. I think a VR space that allows people across the globe to enter and interact would be something pretty amazing with a lot of potential.

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