1. The canvas is square
  2. The lines are all the same length
  3. the lines seem to be evenly spaces and rotated around the midpoint
  4. the lines angles are random, but for the most part, are generally vertical or horizontal
  5. There are areas where there are gaps in the regular pattern of rotated lines. They seem organized in a semi-random way, but I can’t pinpoint what the method of organization is.

I used randomGaussian a lot for this assignment to rotate the lines, and to organize my gaps. I’m a fan of vertical lines as opposed to horizontal lines, so I made the lines mostly semi-vertical. I also figured if this were printed, like the original, all I would have to do is rotate the paper to make them seem horizontal.

The gaps were the tricky part to imitate. I ended up removing randomly sized sections of lines from an area using randomGaussian before the lines were drawn. It has generally the same effect, but it’s not 100% and I just can’t quite put my finger on it.

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