Jaqaur – FirstWordLastWord

I’ve never thought of myself as particularly creative; as much as I love making art, I struggle to come up with anything truly novel. My approach to improving as an artist usually involves studying technique and theory, and most of my best work (in my opinion) is actively based on someone else’s. So, I’d have to say I’m more of a Last Word Artist, even though it’s hard to say now whether or not my work will stand the test of time.
That being said, I’ve always appreciated First Word Art most: seeing a form of art that’s I’ve never seen before feels like a new discovery, like I’m a tiny bit smarter or more worldly than before. I don’t get that same excitement looking at an oil portrait of fruit, no matter how well-painted it is.
Ultimately, First Word Art is a better example of creation–a major part of what art is all about–because it not only creates an individual work, but potentially a new genre, style, or idea. Last Word Art, on the other hand, provides a better means of expression–another key part of art–because an idea is more likely to reach an audience if they know what they’re looking at in the first place.

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