VRDoodler by Cindy Bishop

VRDoodler is a comprehensive in-browser 3D drawing tool that lets you draw and explore your drawings in 3D, with or without virtual reality gear. It is definitely an interesting, unique concept that would not have been possible before our generation’s available technologies. Unfortunately I could not stay during her lecture at Weird Reality very long because of volunteering commitments, however from the short amount of time I was present, I was able to understand a few things. One is that, it can be frustrating as it has a bit of a learning curve. You can often find yourself drawing at multiple depths/distances without realizing it until you spin your camera. One critique is that it is a bit iffy on a phone, laggy and not fluid. It is best on a computer, with a tablet.

You can visit the gallery to see some works created by users: http://vrdoodler.com/#gallery 

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