A majority of my feedback had two main themes. One was that a lot of people found my clock to be pleasant to watch, even calling it ‘meditative.’ A particular point of interest was the minute-to-minute transition (with the blossoms flying off). The other, more critical feedback was that my clock is hard to read, especially without some directions regarding what everything means. While I understand that, I figured that would be the issue when making a more “realistic” representation of nature through time-based changes, so I am not too worried. There are generally two types of clock artworks anyway, ones that represent time and ones that use time to change some aspects of it. This is somewhere in between but I guess leaning more towards the “using time to make a visual” side. Something that I don’t like but cannot change is how the tree looks at early hours (with few branches). Something that I don’t like but could change is the logic in the generation of branches, mainly involivng starting points to prevent odd-shaped trees.

Also, to the one person that mentioned seeing the actual timestamp in the top corner occasionally: if you press ‘d’ it enters ‘debug mode’ which shows time.

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