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Anouk Wipprecht is a fashion designer who incorporates technology, electronics, and modern designs into her clothing (often dresses). For example, creating an Audi-inspired, headlight-infused, parking-sensitive dress. I really enjoyed seeing how she used her skills, her views and her method of thinking outside the box to send a message, or create a vision, that is more striking and memorable than, say, generic models for events like car shows or concerts. Going back to the Audi example, how she “hacked” a car into a dress. Or how she repurposed football shoulder pads for a (female) singer in a halftime show at the Super Bowl.

She presents her work very straightforward, almost too quickly, but effectively (with plenty of documentation and little stories to keep us interested). I love her wording sometimes, like “Hacking a car”.

“For me, this is the poetics of technology,” she said, which I’ve never heard someone talk about technology like that. I like how she uses all kinds of technology, from interactive (sensors) to constructive (3D printing, mechanical parts) to sensory (sounds, lights, atmosphere). She combines them or uses them individually to make powerful pieces. I’d love to see her works (in action) in person! It’s a shame all of her works are temporary (since they are to be worn once).

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