My concept was sort of a humorous and light take on a clock: What TIME is it?

TIME represented:

T – Seconds / I – Minutes / M – Hours / E – Milliseconds

The feedback I got was overall very kind, positive, and constructive. I thought I did much worse than some of the comments I received, but I was glad that the concept felt “cute, simple, and effective.” I apologize if my clock gave anxiety because it was glitchy, that was not my intention.

Overall there is a LOT I need to work on. Right now the TIME does not actually represent the time, and I would like it to so it is at least somewhat clear as to what time it is. The letters are also rotating on the left, bottom corner access, whereas I’d like it to be in the bottom center. Aside from these technical difficulties, I also need to work on:

  • having more intentional design (i.e. color palette choice, text choice)
  • more process and sketches as to how I arrived at my current design and typography interest
  • working on its potential, such as possible an interactive mouse click that changes the color, font, enlarges the clocks, or more text integrated into it so it doesn’t just great “what time is it?” 

Overall, “This project has potential but seems a bit simple, just rotating numbers”.


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