Drewch – Mocap


Partly inspired by Unnamed SoundSculpture by Daniel Franke & Cedric Kiefer, I made a mo-cap marble-party-man. The bone ends of the motion captured body spews out marbles of assorted colors (size and darkness depending on Z position). I wish I worked with Lumar since Lumar was able to figure out how to calculate the Kinetic Energy of every motion captured point, which could determine how the marbles are spawned (for example, you could stand still but fling marbles with your arm, while other marbles just drop to the floor). I also could not do collision detection (unlike what I saw in Unnamed SoundSculpture) because the process would be incredibly slow to render, however I recognize that that is a route that I could have taken.

github: https://github.com/AndyChanglee/60-212/tree/readme-edits/brekel_mocap


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