My book is called Stripes. It contains a stripe of colors on each page.


I was fascinated by this perception study: Colour is in the eye of the beholder. I realize that colors are not only just shades or hues or RGB values; they have very strong relationships to feeling, smell, taste and memory. So I wanted to represent the concept of color by evoking them with words, so that the reader would “see” the colors by imagining them. They can be completely personal and generic, different from person to person, depending on their experience or understanding of the descriptions. Just imagine seeing the stripe that contains the colors of “cornflour sparkle“, “spider web weave“, “old Oriental rug burn“, “glisten shimmer pretzel“, “glow field of clover” and “iceberg peanut butter Arctic landscape“. You see what I mean.

A closer look at my bookbinding process:

Print and cut with an edge cutter:

img_4528   img_4529

Organize and press between two pieces of wood blocks:

img_4530   img_4531

Brush PVA glue into the spine of the book. Shorten the drying time by blowing hot air on the surface until the glue is dry. Repeat three times:

img_4536   img_4541

That’s it!

img_4543   img_4544

img_4545   img_4548

Github: https://github.com/DarcyCao/60-212/tree/master/book/

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