Thanks for all the kind words about the cat being cute;)

I realize my design is still actually a traditional clock, which really is not ideal. When I look back to the time when I decide to use this idea, I was a little caught up by the expectation of the “cuteness” of it that I just didn’t go further. My lesson here is to try not to be caught up by the ideas that I have, but to challenge even more and out of my comfort zone. And always remind myself to take risks.

Then comes the mechanism of the clock. There are really so many aspects that I need to reflect on. Basically, it does not always show the time right and the arms and legs are unattached. The former is mainly because it’s mainly because whenever the arms and legs coincide, the cat has to mirror itself, and when I let myself import a complex shape to avoid literally drawing the curves out in P5, I planted a seed that there is a limitation for me to try and modify and make use of the point data to be more weird and perky. Or maybe I could… Hmm…

Another problem about my design is that I did not find a good solution to integrate the concept of cat moving the arms and legs with the moving of the long hand and the short hand. While it is unrealistic for the cat to stretch 180 degrees when sleeping, I eventually could not make it its own feature by turning it into something fun instead of awkward.

While as someone who is horrible at time management, the first thing on my list is to try to get the work planned as soon as I can to have fewer regrets in the final result. At the same time I realize I DO need a lot more coding practice than I expected. 

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