Catlu – Interruptions

The artwork is square
There are short lines
More of the lines are vertical or horizontal than at an extreme angle
There’s a certain flow to the piece
There are patches of white, interruptions, in the lines that seem to random and taper off
The lines are sort of in a grid
The lines form vague polygonal shapes
There’s a white background


This copy code I had a really hard time with. I fiddled around a lot with the lines to get them as close as I could to Molnar’s work. I wasn’t able to get the actual gaps in the lines working, so I left them out. For some reason, even though I know how to use arrays, no matter how I did them, they would just crash P5, and I couldn’t think of any other ways to loop through the lines and subtract patches. I really want to figure out why my arrays aren’t working with this code, and I intend to know eventually. I think it might have been weird nesting with loops.

Github code:

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