Catlu – FirstWordLastWord

Rather than compare first word art and last word art, I think it’s more important to acknowledge them both and how they impact the direction of art as a whole. Groundbreaking ideas and technology are ever present in art, yet they themselves cannot sustain it. The first word is the spark of a movement, yet if only it can be seen as valuable, future endeavors of its kind in art or culture, it itself cannot be seen as something that truly had an influence. A great leap forward has never been contained to one person, or one piece of artwork. It has always been sparked by novelty and inspiration, and perpetuated by further exploration and refinement. Indeed, it’s the last word, if there can be a last word, that leads many to seek a new first word. Without refinement, a first is just that. Without a first, a last will never be reached. It’s through the combination of the two that great and lasting change is made. When the novelty has worn out, what mark has been left underneath? What truly matters is the impact after the excitement.

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