Cut, May 2015, Leander Herzog

I’m really glad I stumbled across Leander’s website, it’s filled with beautifully executed leaning-conceptual explorations of colour and data. But one of my favourite pieces was his ‘Cut’ project, a 3D spinning rectilinear shape of red and white. It’s completely interactive and renders with a mix of cubish small shadows and larger straight-edge shadows.

The form feels like a combination of random and human-defined elements, but going beyond that to say what type of algorithm defined it is hard to do. Even after a little searching, I couldn’t find the artist talking about the work.

In terms of Effective Complexity, I think it falls more on the side of ordered (than chaotic), especially in how it almost feels like a spaceship or structural form, with the ‘randomness’ around the edges where it seems most believable. Take a look a Star Destroyer below to see how it uses a similar effect to make it seem more ‘real.’ Also, the shapes reminded me of drawing rectilinear cube-forms in Visualizing (51-121), freshman year.


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