Interruptions [github]


  • The work has a white border all the way around the edge.
  • The canvas is a square.
  • Most of the lines face up-ish and down-ish
  • The holes are quite small.
  • The holes don’t often occur close to each other.
  • Sometimes the holes are more nuanced and don’t even form “complete holes” in the fabric.
  • The background is off-white, not white-white.
  • Near the holes, the lines become somewhat magnatized and get kinda ‘messed up.’


I really enjoyed executing this project, the mix of programming and math was fun and I’m glad I got to practice more modularization techniques. With regard to the math, the ‘shaping of randomness’ via a function to have most of the lines face up or face down instead of to the sides, was particularly interesting.* I believe my final result is quite close, save for a few deficiencies, here are two big problems:

  • The lines near the edges occasionally stick out awkwardly, which doesn’t happen in the provided examples.
  • The lines do not seem to ‘barely touch’ each other as nicely as they do in these [1, 2] examples.

** == Golan programmed this in office hours as an illustration for random-shaping.

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