Ever since I played The Beginner’s Guide, a PC game on Steam, I saw games as a more accessible medium to make art. Though I’ve played plenty of games I would consider meaningful, they were very high production in depth games. The Beginner’s Guide includes a series of short games that convey something even without a true storyline to each of them. Unity, a free gaming engine, seemed like the perfect entry point to experiment with making a basic “game.” My main goal was to make something in Unity and get past the entry learning curve, adding Unity to the list of tools I’m familiar with.

Since I would think it would be somewhat difficult to have complicated visuals within this short time, light and sound became the main components of the project. My concept for the project came about while I was listening to a song that felt really nostalgic. The nostalgia I had made me think about the close relationship between emotions, memory, and sound. I wanted to create a space where these sound memories could live. Each orb of sound in the space is related to a specific memory I have. None of the sounds were made for this project, some are found online while others are ripped from existing videos I have.

Code can be found here
Explore the project here

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