I try to appreciate art of every form, but my preference leans towards last word art. I think it’s necessary for mediums to evolve and break new boundaries, but I often feel like I have a harder time relating to these works. I do however appreciate the expanding breadth of technology. I might just be more comfortable with works of art at new boundaries of technical abilities. 360 videos and VR headsets may have a certain initial novelty, but as long as there’s substance to the work, I don’t think novelty diminishes its artistic value. If it further excites its viewer, even better. When people saw Michelangelo’s statues, some may have even thought it was real. The fact that this was new for its audience doesn’t take away from the endless appreciation we have towards his work. Similarly for new technologies, though one may feel more excited by the mere medium of expression, there must be something substantial at the core of it.

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