Final Project Proposal
Exploring the Limitations and Affordances of Digital and Physical Environments  

The book project was, with out a doubt, my favourite project of the semester, and the animation project, is the one one that I would most like to revisit. I think this final project would be an excellent opportunity to create a generative book that has a digital, animation twin. I have a great appreciation for environments design, even though I have chosen the communication design path. I believe I have an opportunity here to study the affordances and limitations of the physical and digital interpretations of a single design.

In my animation, I used a sine wave for the motion of my letters. The motion was really pleasing, and gave character to the type. In my book, I used basil.js to change the offset and type size of repetitive text, some of them sinusoidally, and some of them linearly. The book had the affordance of hidden images due to the physical french folds. I would like to do some more explorations on the translations of motion and typography.

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