Happy Orbs


The goal for this week was to become familiar with FaceOSC, but also using P3D. In particular I wanted to learn more about lighting and camera angles. I wanted to have a simple but delightful interaction with some floating orbs that would respond to your face and your energy.

Read the code here.

In terms of what the orbs are responding to and how they are responding, there are a few different criteria.

  • The close you are to the camera, the more red the orbs glow
  • The further away you are, the more blue the orbs glow
    • Based on how far your left temple is from your right
  • The orbs bounce more excitedly the bigger you smile
    • Based on the distance from the left corner of your mouth to the right
  • The close your chin is to your chest, the smaller the orbs
    • Based on the distance from your nose to your chin
  • The camera will follow your nose
    • Based on your nose x,y coordinates

Keep your head high, smile, look straight, and stay close and engaged. The following will result in excited, large, red, orbs.

closered farblue

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