img_0005A vine hangs from above. On the vine small branches dance along it. Each branch grows cherry blossoms.

There is one vine per hour (12 hour system), one branch on each vine for each minute, and one blossom on each branch for each second. The branches change position every second, and their colour loosely changes with time.

In the sketch I’ve illustrated the time 4:08:12 – 4 plants, each plant has 8 leaves, each leaf has 12 veins.

My clock is a bit of a literal interpretation that it takes time to grow. As time passes more vines grow, more branches reach out and more blossoms bloom. The motion isn’t as fluid as I would have liked it to be but I definitely learnt a lot about perlin noise and how to integrate time into my code. In retrospect making three nested for loops was probably a poor choice. As I learn more about P5 I might come back to this project and try and get it to feel more like my personal illustration style. As youimg_0006 can see, my sketch and my program look nothing alike, so it would be another goal as my coding skills improve to get my program up to my illustration. A personal goal for this semester is to develop a cohesive and strong personal aesthetic and style.



Cherry Blossom Clock

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