Mocap is cool. This project was fun just to get my hands on 3D software and also to actually see a mocap setup for the first time. Being my own model was not so great (my ‘performance’ is not very compelling, though I did try to do one of the dances from my generative book – just the foot pattern without much flourishing). Doing this reminds me I need to expand my network in Pittsburgh of performers, dancers, etc. – which I will do.

I didn’t write code for my final output, but I did get Golan’s example code working in Processing with my BVH. Then I moved onto exploring the 3D animation software, Cinema 4D. I’d learned a little of this program about two years ago, so it was great to get back into it a little. I think I’ll try more things with this software now. I know that scripting in Python is possible in Cinema 4D. I didn’t script in this project, but would try this on the second iteration.


The project was fun. My output isn’t thrilling, but I’m glad to play with 3D (and remember why I love editing animation/video) and learn about cloners, physics tags (rigid body, collider body, force, friction, etc), lighting effects, and using the mocap skeleton.




Here’s the video:

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