I wanted to make unnecessary tweaks to an everyday object that would record and post something banal about its use. I came up with many many ideas (a motion detector for a book so that a tweet would be produced for every page turned, a motion detector for eye glasses that would post an instagram picture every time you blinked, a pressure detector for a shoe that would tweet every 100 steps). The concept behind this piece would be to (perhaps pedantically) point out the banality/self-centrist nature of posts on our social media as well as the hilarious frivolity of the internet of things, taken to an extreme. At this point, such statements are almost cliché, I realize, but I wanted to do it anyway.

I finally settled on creating a coaster that would make a facebook post every time a user picked up their drink. The post would document the place and time as well as an optimistic health-related message about staying hydrated.

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