Fig. 1. Lil Wayne and Fat Joe making it rain.

Fig. 2. A closeup of Lil Wayne.

Fig. 3. Bender, a sentient robot from Futurama, making it rain, presumably in the club.

These gifs (Fig. 1-Fig. 3), while not my own personal sketches, illustrate the concept I was going for very well.

I wrote a sketch in Unity that would receive OSC data from KinectV2OSC. The sketch identifies the hand-position and state (open or closed) and allows users to make it rain. I am pretty pleased with what I accomplished although the video and kinect feeds must be manually synced up. (Ie you have to place the camera/laptop on top of or very near the kinect camera.) I would have also liked to introduce some random movement into the dolla dolla bills as they fall. While I do have a cloth simulator on them, some values need to be tweaked in order for the money-rain feel more realistic.

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