Milica Zec (pronounced Milizza like pizza) is a self proclaimed “film and virtual reality director, editor, and screenwriter.” She’s based in New York City although she grew up in a war-torn Serbia. Her experience with the bombings there influence her most well known work, Giant, a virtual reality “movie.” Zec also spend 9 years working with Marina Abramovic as a film-maker and installation designer.

For me, the most compelling aspect of Milica’s work is how she uses the immersive qualities of virtual reality to explore an entire narrative with very deep emotional implications. I’m also interested in evoking an emotional response with the virtual art I create rather than a “wow that’s novel” response. According to reviews of Giant (I haven’t gotten around to seeing it yet), she was quite successful.

Because I want to work with memory and sensual recollections, I think that an immersive experience like virtual reality has more to offer than still images or even video-art. Indeed the natural progression from photographs to videos to vr is apparent with Milica’s work as it straddles the boundary between movie and full immersion.

Milica’s Website

Eyeo 2016 – Panel: VR/Experience – James George, Winslow Porter, Milica Zec, Alexander Porter, Kamal Sinclair from Eyeo Festival // INSTINT on Vimeo.


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