Akiva Krauthamer

02 Feb 2016

My bot is called @Fireworks_Sim and it can be found at https://twitter.com/Fireworks_Sim

“This bot creates a tiny simulation every hour. The goal is to launch the fireworks skywards. Created by Akiva Krauthamer

My main goal when creating this bot was to make a bot that could one day surprise me (it’s creator). The way I chose to do this was to create a simple simulation with random starting values. In this way I would never know all the possible outcomes.
The simulation has a few key rules:

  • Rocks fall.
  • Rocks that fall past matches light matches.
  • Matches next to fireworks light fireworks.

Launching fire works is the bots main goal. It’s possible for the bot to accomplish this goal, but it’s rare. Thus far I have not been super surprised by any of the posts. With more time that may happen. I plan to add more possible complexity to the simulation so that chains of events can unfold in the style of a rube Goldberg machine.

In Michael Cook’s taxonomy of bots he calls bots light mine “Image Bots”. This describes the fact that it posts images with little relation to the outside world. Many Image Bots gain followers looking for entertainment. With a little more verity I think this bot could hit that mark.


Rocks falling.

export - Copy

Match lighting but in the wrong spot.

export - Copy (2)

The fireworks launching!


Download the source code on gitHub.